NO RUSH POLICY: At YDR our reputation is built on quality service and we will not comprise the integrity of our work by taking shortcuts or by using inferior quality products. If services are not allowed the full amount of time required, that will result in inferior service and potential errors so please plan ahead and schedule accordingly. We will make our best efforts to ensure that deadlines are met, but there may be some circumstances that will require more time than initially estimated. If the original diagnosis has changed, we will keep you informed throughout the process and recommend a different course of action, if necessary.

EXTERIOR DETAILING POLICY: Exterior Detailing services DO NOT include Interior Detail, Overspray Removal, Heavy Paint Defect Removal, Headlight Restoration, Rock Chip Touch-Up and Engine Bay Detail. If the exterior condition of the vehicle is determined as severe (mud, tar, sap, bugs, etc), additional fees may be charged. Please schedule a consultation for the full estimate.

WARRANTY: Please ADHERE to the precautions, Do`s & Don’ts as listed by us for any premium service which you take us to claim and for the validity of the warranty

Disclaimer:- Although, all our processes including steam wash are the safest methods to clean your vehicle but there may be some unforeseen errors which may arise not attributing to our process. The reasons could be ample other than our process or steam wash causing it. We take utmost precautions in our working, however, Young’s Detailing Republic will not be responsible for any of the following: Lost or damaged items left in vehicle, Mechanical or Electrical failures, Mouldings, Antennas, etc., that may loosen up while cleaning the vehicle, additional keys and/or key chain other than the car key/remote. We need to move your car, scratches, swirl marks, or dents attribute to our working on your vehicle, windshield cracks that may spread out when an existing damage is already present, Nor for any unforeseen situation in which we have not undoubtedly been negligent. By requesting any of our services you acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to our terms.